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All my ancestors (Nordics) lived, loved, gave birth, worried, suffered, perished and died in order to concentrate their best genetic characteristics in me. 

Properties of this natural process they couldn’t understand.

I understand these natural processes, which form on the base of energy and information of structurization, and also how they transfer to descendants.

That’s why I have to do everything in my power, so I can say that:

My ancestors didn’t live useless lives!

It is not a primitive “….tree”, but a genetic tree, which everyone has to decode and understand!

Valeriy Shikhirin


“Science is international, and no one should be prohibited to work, where he or she wants, on topics that he or she finds interesting” 

Vladimir Vernadsky


May 27, 2007

        Dear readers,

With a kind consent of Mr. Evgeniy Aseev (Arsentyev), English and Russian copies of my papers have been placed at the site created by him.

The above site is one of the key Russian- and English-language non-populist information centers of People’s Internet to provide information and discuss problems of designing multiple-purpose systems based on "free" energy (and information), namely structurization energy and information, being "perpetuum mobile" of the Universe.


To develop such systems, many keen seeking-mind talented people have been trying and will be always trying to find solutions to these natural "elements" and "phenomena".

Man himself, as part and a "seeking" function of the Plant and Animal Kingdom can be also looked on as a "phenomenon" generated from the above "elements".


Intuitive knowing of this mechanism allowed John Worrell Keely, Nikola Tesla, Geoff Hatton, Thomas Henry Moray, Victor Schauberger, Richard Ñlem, John R.R. Searl, Wilhelm Reich, Bruce de Palma, Viktor Grebennikov and many other real scientists, engineers and experts to create tangible and working energy-information systems for various applications.


We all must also do our best to gain the knowledge of, reverse-engineer and/or create various design and technology options of such systems so that they can meet challenges of the modern world knowing, on the other hand, how it all works in Nature. In other words, we must make controllable disturbance of an energy-information (information-energy) process of the overall working/fluid medium tendency to get structured into its typical natural forms, such as the VTortex implosion-explosion process.


The author does not pursue commercial purposes in his works; therefore this information related to development of energy-information (information-energy) systems of various functional applications should be at any time available for:

designers and "fanatics" of this "all-mankind targeted" approach;

psychologically and intellectually prepared people who are not poisoned by "generally accepted" artificial knowledge ignoring Nature laws;

people who do not have "special education" but are educated by life and knowledgeable in other fields.

This information should not be unavailable or somehow rationed for its application-oriented use.

Such a censorship-free way of its parallel dissemination among key information centers will make it possible simultaneously and consistently to:

develop new systems or re-work existing ones;

put such a system into operation in one’s own home and in homes of his (her) close friends and relatives not forgetting to disconnect electricity or gas supply lines" in an official way";

get a patent thereon (which is though hardly possible)

make them commercially available, etc.

While doing so, you will do a great favor to yourself, your descendents and Nature by eliminating the use of "primeval bonfire" energy as the basis for primitive tools and technologies leading to contamination of the Earth.


A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step; little strokes fell great oaks, diligence is the mother of success; what the eyes fear, the hands do, etc.

Believe in Nature and start! Let Nature bring you luck! Nature can do everything save one thing – help Man without Man’s cooperation!

Do not forget, however, to have mustard in time, not after dinner, or that it’s no use bringing water when the house is burned down!

Luck is catching a dashing wave of the Universe energy-and-information structurization in a controllable manner by prepared and seeking Man during his life-time. The next wave is coming much later. No time to catch…

                                                                                                          With regards, Valeriy Shikhirin



P.S. Do not repeat Victor Schauberger’s and other practical scientists’ sad "experience" whom, "with the help" of bureaucratic administrators, "shut up" introduction of similar systems for many years.

A function like that as well as means to implement it do not exist in Nature.


Schauberger’s "experience", or "What One Should Not Do" memo

"… From that moment I recognized the erroneous form of motion employed by the whole of science and exposed it for what it was. On doing so, I stumbled into a veritable hornet's nest and began to feel the full force of the omnipotence of my scientific adversaries. I was challenged to provide proof. Whenever I did this, I was robbed to such an extent that there was no other course was open to me other than to remain silent once more…

… These devices, which the Austrian State Police took from me, are now being manufactured in Germany with enormous success. This has happened to me twelve times…

… Every time I had something fabricated, all I was given were the leftovers, while the best part was retained and exploited commercially by others…

… Or the apparatus was never made public (see the suction-turbine), although I had paid all the agreed development costs myself…

… Subsequently such large sums were demanded of me, which lay far beyond my capacity to pay, and the machines…

… I was struggling to build were withheld as security against payment.

I then began to work covertly and in this way succeeded in producing workable machines. I then first became aware of what I had discovered, namely higher-grade atomic energies…

… At this stage "Demonstrate it!", "Prove it!", "Let it be examined!" was and is always demanded. If I concur, then all is lost. If I do not, however, then I am a fraud…

…'M' requested that I show the gadget to him and some of his friends and that I hand over the patents to the VSB, otherwise he would cancel the public demonstration. "Do it then I", I replied. Whereupon he withdrew his threat…

…Then along came a major German industrialist with his scientific advisors. He investigated the process and found it in order. Statements were made expressing readiness to proceed with fabrication and cost evaluation and then, yes, then one will just have to wait and see. All they are, are empty promises, never kept. Now representatives of the U.S. government have announced themselves…

… They too want to see and evaluate everything first, and then, only then will it be considered what might be done…

… First see, then negotiate and the outcome was always the same. Professors also want first to see, evaluate and then, aye and then take over…

… If I reveal everything, it will only be hushed up, because it not only involves the whole scientific establishment, but also the doctrines of the church. All power-politics will collapse once the truth emerges that science is the actual causative agent of cancer…

… The whole of science and all its hangers-on, are nothing but a band of thieves, who are suspended like marionettes and must dance to whatever tune their well-camouflaged slave-masters deem necessary…

… In this situation only a frightful catastrophe may perhaps bring about order. In the achievement of such generalized order at least 90% of humanity will fall victim…"


His prophecies are coming true. "Frightful catastrophe" is cooling of the Earth climate conceived by Nature, and it will be too late to do anything: 100% of Mankind, both masters and slaves, will freeze (


(The Energy Evolution, Harnessing Free Energy from Nature, Viktor Schauberger, Translated and edited by Callum Coats, Volume Four of Eco-Technology, 2000, pp. 216-218, translated into Russian by Vladimir Berdinskikh -,,



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